See why Ex-Pats Like Corozal, Belize so Much.

Small town atmosphere, friendly people and lots to see and do, makes Corozal, a great go to place. Corozal has a lot going for it. Check out the variety of eating places. There is nightlife, but not like Miami. Recreation spots and Mayan ruins to keep your interest.   Corozal is the gateway to the […]

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Beef in Belize

As you drive down the countryside in Belize, you will see cattle that resemble Brahma bulls. These are actually cattle raised here because of the weather conditions. They can thrive here while Angus and such can’t make it. The beef here is very healthy, but very tough. It is hard to find a cut of […]

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What Kind of Lifestyle do You Want Part 2

Maybe you don’t want to veg out all the time. There are plenty of thing to occupy as much time as you want. You can travel, garden and even volunteer to keep busy. There are no less than 100 places to visit in Belize and surrounding areas. There is great fishing, whether dinner or trophy, […]

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What kind of lifestyle do you want Part 1

Is what you want not to have to lift a finger except to pick up a drink? That is a very easy way to live in Corozal, Belize. You can hire a gardner to take care of all of your outside needs for about $5 BZD ($2.50 USD) per hour. That equates to $40 BZD […]

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A/C or Windows

There are pluses to either way you go. With A/C you cut down on the dust blowing into the house. The A/C reduces the humidity in the air. On the other hand A/c is expensive to run. I have friends that have a foam house. They have A/C, and because of the insulation factor of […]

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No A/C for Me

Though A/C may be nice, in my case it would put a hit on the budget. I leave my windows open all year. I only close them because of rain. The breeze that flows through the windows is delicious. Even when it’s 85 outside, the breeze keeps things cool. Most homes have ceiling fans to […]

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A/C or not

Most homes in the Corozal area and probably Belize are not air conditioned. There are several things to consider pro and con about A/C. Homes are not insulated, so it takes more energy to cool homes here. Electricity is not cheap here. There are two kinds of A/C units available here. One uses less power […]

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Concrete Masters

The men I have seen do concrete work are true masters. There is a new gas station just built close to me. The concrete area is huge. The men poured the concrete using a commercial cement mixer. Not a truck mounted cement mixer. They poured bag after bag, and sand to mix up a batch. […]

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Never have seen carpet here

I have yet to see carpet in a house in Corozal and maybe Belize. With the humidity and dew points so high, carpet would mildew quickly. If a house had full time A/C, carpet could be a possibility. A while back I saw an add for carpet cleaning here. It must have been a joke! […]

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The Breeze Makes all The Difference

Corozal Bay is the catalyst for providing a wonderful breeze in the Corozal area. Having a home with windows facing the bay or the wind, and windows on the other side of the house will provide a cooling breeze all year through. If you are looking to buy or build, keep wind direction in mind.

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