Corozal, Many Living Choices

The Corozal Area has almost any living style you could want. Living in Corozal Town puts you right in the middle of the action. There are many homes and subdivisions around Corozal Bay. There are two fresh water lagoons, both named Four Mile Lagoons. One is between Corozal Town and the Mexican border. The other […]

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Corozal, Great Place to Live

Corozal area is a great place to live. Corozal Bay is ever changing and is easily taken for granted. Corozal is located in the northern part of Belize yet very accessible by road or boat. It is very easy to go to Mexico, the Free Zone, and cities to the south.

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I Love Speed Bumps

If you come to Belize, speed bumps are everywhere. I counted 32 bumps from Corozal to Belize City, and I think they added more since I counted them. Because there are very few Police cars on the road, speed bumps are used to reduce speed. The usual places for speed bumps are at schools and […]

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Buying a Home or Property

What type of buyer are you? Do you jump in the pool, or do you put a toe in? Most people here will say to come and rent for a year before you buy. A lot depends on your mindset. Checking to see if you like it, is the way to go for many. On […]

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Buying Property Cautions

Know who you are buying from and through. Knowledge is priceless in Belize. Anyone can attempt to sell you a piece of property. Here is a possible dialog: You find a piece of land you like. You are looking around and a person comes over to you. You ask if he knows the owner? He […]

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Buying a car in Belize

Caution about buying a car in Belize. Buying a car in Belize is usually a very straight forward transaction. There are several red flags. Always write down the VIN yourself. Don’t let the seller give it to you. Check the VIN on the stolen and damage reports list. Many cars brought into Belize are salvage, […]

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Flying into belize

Coming to Belize by air?   There are two primary fast ways to come into the country. Fly to Cancun and take a bus to Belize or fly directly into Belize City. You can save some by going to Cancun over flying direct to Belize City. When I come into Belize I always fly direct, […]

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Earn an Income in Corozal Belize

Earn an income in Corozal Belize Generate an income from what you already know or what you want to learn. There are many ways to make earn an income in Corozal Belize. You are only limited by as many ideas as your imagination will allow. I will refer to some money generating ideas later. The first thing […]

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