Earn an Income in Corozal Belize

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Earn an income in Corozal Belize

Generate an income from what you already know or what you want to learn. There are many ways to make earn an income in Corozal Belize. You are only limited by as many ideas as your imagination will allow. I will refer to some money generating ideas later.
The first thing to keep in mind is who will be your customers. There are Belizeans and North Americans. I will lump the Europeans with the North Americans.
Belizeans for the most part have very little extra income. There are a few that stepped out and made a name for themselves as contractors, store owners and businessmen. The working class Belizean works hard and they spend their money on essentials like shelter, clothes and food. Most ride bikes as their primary mode of transportation.
To set up a business targeting working class Belizeans, you would have to look at satisfying their basic needs. Buying from thrift stores in the states and reselling inexpensive clothes. Grocery store that make their money on selling volume at lower costs rather than one can here and a bottle there at higher prices. A restaurant that catered to Belizean tastes would be a plus. Inexpensive lunches could be a big hit. Don’t bother trying to sell them air conditioners or automatic coffee pots.

A boat business in Corozal. Office and boats on storage rackes.

Office shack and boat racks

Street with many businesses lining the street.

Businesses on busy Corozal street

North Americans for the most part have more money to spend. North Americans have the Belizeans build their homes and pools. The taste for products is very different from the working class Belizeans. Top grade appliances, home furnishings, boats and manicured yards are more of what the North Americans want.
Building a business that caters to the North Americans is much different then what you would do for the Belizeans. You could focus on landscaping where you manage a crew of Belizean workers, a bakery with nice items North Americans can afford or even a grocery store or resale shop with upscale items.
You could do a combination store, where you have low cost items for the locals and higher priced items for the others. The world is very open to business in Corozal. Seeing what is already here, and then competing on your own terms.
You can make a living but most likely not a killing in Corozal. It will take some serious looking and investigating to have a successful business in Corozal.
At the present time, there are 3 hotels for sale in Corozal. Someone with vision could take one of these hotels, market it correctly and have a very good business.
I am doing something different from a brick and mortar business. I write books, and put them on Kindle, Create Space and other platforms. What I am looking for is a business that does not dictate my time. I decide on the time I will spend. Every month I make a little more. People will buy my books whether I am at the computer or not.
Please don’t say, I don’t know any way to earn an income in Corozal Belize. If you live in a box and won’t look outside, you are right, it will be hard to make ends meet in Corozal, Belize. On the other hand, if you have an imagination, and throw lots of possibilities out to look at, you will find one that will satisfy your income needs as well as make you happy.