Flying into belize

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Coming to Belize by air?


There are two primary fast ways to come into the country. Fly to Cancun and take a bus to Belize or fly directly into Belize City. You can save some by going to Cancun over flying direct to Belize City. When I come into Belize I always fly direct, non-stop to Belize City. As you will see it is a matter of choice.

By going straight to Belize City you only have to go through customs and immigration once. Here are some things to know when going through customs and immigration at the Belize City Airport.

There are 8 lines for immigration. When you come into the building, the far right 1 or 2 lanes are for residents of Belize. You should have the forms filled out that they gave you on the airplane. By the way, have one or two pens handy for the forms. The flight crews don’t have extras. When it’s your turn at immigration they take a finger print. I have been asked where I am staying, or do I have transportation? The questions seem to be random.

Once you clear immigration you go and get your bags. They have carts in the baggage area to use for free, but you cannot take them outside. If you need help with bags, you will have to get a porter to take your bags. Your next stop is customs. There are 2 lines, one is nothing to declare and the other is something to declare. Most visitors usually have nothing to declare and zip right through. Customs people might get a little curious if you are bringing in 5 suitcases per person. Customs may very well want to check those bags. If you are coming to Corozal, rent your car at Coroza Car Rental and Sales.corozal car rental and sales


I have had different customs inspectors act in different ways toward me. By law any new item bought into Belize must be declared. Used items do not need to be declared. I have three examples of how some of my trips went through customs.