Rules for Finders Fee

Rule Number One: If I don’t get paid, NO FINDERS FEE.

Rule number two: Only one person can get the finders fee.

Rule number three:  If you are the person wanting the finders fee, you must provide the name of the person buying the home or property through me in Corozal, Belize via email ([email protected]before they come for our first meeting. No other form of communication will work. DO NOT TEXT ME, YOU WON’T GET AN ANSWER

Here are a couple of possible examples:

1 Uncle Joe is interested in a second home in Corozal, Belize. You the referring person must email me Uncle Joe’s full name and a recent picture, so I know who I am dealing with. I MUST acknowledge receipt of the information by email, before he comes, to make it official. If he buys a home or property through me, I will gladly pay the referral fee.

2. Son Dave wants to buy his father Mike a place in Corozal, Belize for when he retires. Dave is looking and buying but father Mikes name will be on the title. As long as I am aware of the circumstances, no problem.

The referral is good for 90 days from the first email I receive. If the person is coming to Corozal, Belize after the 90 days, you can ask for a 30 day extension or refile the referral before they come. I must acknowledge the correspondence by email to make it official.

Information I must have:

⊕ The person that referred them. Full name that will go on the check.

⊕ Full address for the check

⊕ email for notifications

⊕ phone for notifications,  only to be used if other forms of contact fail.

NOTICE: I am an honest person and as long as you go by the rules, I will gladly share my and our good fortune. No one in my organization can take this information or go around me. Only I, John Wiankowski will make the decision to pay. Don’t try to fool me or lie or cheat. I make and enforce the rules.

For your information: Government wheels in Belize go a lot slower than in the US. It will probably take 2 to 3 months before referrals are paid. I will try to let you know of the progress, as I get it.