See why Ex-Pats Like Corozal, Belize so Much.

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Small town atmosphere, friendly people and lots to see and do, makes Corozal, a great go to place. Corozal has a lot going for it. Check out the variety of eating places. There is nightlife, but not like Miami. Recreation spots and Mayan ruins to keep your interest.


Corozal is the gateway to the Caribbean Sea. You can take your own boat, ride a fast moving charter, or fly and quickly be in the great expanse of the Caribbean Sea.  You can fish for dinner or a trophy, sightsee the towns and islands or join in on the festivities they have year around.

Do you want local fare or chef style meals? A food stand next to my favorite grocery store has 3 rolled up corn tortillas with filling for 1 Belize dollar.      (that’s $.50 US) The staple food for most Belizeans is rice, beans and chicken. You can get that almost anywhere for very cheap. There are open air and sit inside restaurants. You can also try a high dollar chef style eatery.


Weekends are alive with partying. Bands play along the water’s edge sometimes until well into the morning. Some bars stay open late. There are places that have karaoke in the evening. Just ask and you can find places to go and have fun.

What is your pleasure for passing time in a fun way? If you like wandering through stores shopping, you have Corozal, Chetumal, Mexico and the Belize Free Zone.

The casinos in the Free Zone have table games and slots. Great place to eat also. Mayan ruins in the area are another way to spend the day.

There is no shortage of things to do and places to go in Corozal, Belize. You can chill out in a hammock, go eat and drink, party or cruise the area. Corozal has a lot to do, so come and enjoy.

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